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Birthdate:Jun 13, 1996
Location:Toledo, Ohio, United States of America
I will eventually rewrite this so it fits DW better, but for right now, here's a copy+paste of my Tumblr bio.

Polyamorous | Partially Wheelchair Bound | Bisexual | Queer | Trans Man | Artist | Writer | Fat pride

This About is a work in progress. Feel free to ask for clarification of anything. Thank you!

Now. Hi! I’m Sebastian (although I go by many names). I’m an artist, writer, and I want to be a Youtuber. I really needed a blog to post more consistently on, as I’m in a fairly vulnerable part of therapy that has me itching to overshare.

Here’s some info about me, which will likely come up on my blog;

I am handicapped. Mentally, I’m diagnosed with PTSD, ADHD combined type, generalized anxiety disorder, and Major Depressive Disorder. Physically, I have Polycystic Ovary Syndrome and I’m partially wheelchair bound, with some sort of degenerative back issue affecting a large number of my vertebrae.

I am an abuse victim, a rape victim, a sexual assault victim, and a CSA victim. You can see more information under the “Trauma Information” page.

I am obese. Do I think my weight itself is healthy? Of course not, but my doctor is concerned that my weight is caused by other physical problems, as it’s almost impossible for me to lose it currently. If you’re curious about anything, or if you think you know something that’d be beneficial for me, I am very, VERY happy to talk about it. As long as you’re polite, I am always open.

I am body positive, and yes, that includes anywhere from people who are stick thin to people who are incredibly obese. I am not saying that a person (of any size) is necessarily healthy, I’m interested in promoting higher self esteem. If you are sick, you should be treated for it, but being ridiculed isn’t going to convince anyone to get help. The thing is, I am not a doctor, and chances are, you aren’t either. I’m not going to pretend I know someone’s medical status just by looking at them.

I’m medical grey-asexual. As the name suggests, resulting from medical issues, I sometimes have a fleeting sex drive compared to a slightly more normal one prior; I may also have some sort of sexual dysfunction (I need a diagnosis on that). However, I also go super hypersexual sometimes, too.

I am bisexual panromantic. I’m separating the two because I favor men of specific varieties sexually, whereas I seem to have no preference romantically.

I’m a trans man and gender fluid. Before you ask, I am not just “challenging gender roles”, and I do have dysphoria.

I am Native American. I look Native, Mexican, Hawaiian, Samoan, and various other ethnicities depending on who the person is (yes, those are all ethnicities I’ve been asked about). I am not in touch with my Native roots, although I would like to be.

I’m a socialist leftist staunchly against all things radfem.

I’m under the Pagan umbrella. It’s a very big umbrella. Specifically, I’m Hellenic Polytheist pretty much no matter what, but I have an interest in possibly also practicing Shintoism a very long time from now. I am primarily a devotee of He Who Hosts, Hades. I do dabble in generalized paranormal/generalized Pagan stuff, including spells and w/n, but it’s not something I’ve done as much research about as I’d like to.
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